Canaan Smith – Documentary Reel

Job: Join Our Village / Beauty For Ashes Uganda Awareness Campaigns

Role: Director / Director of Photography / Editor

Location: Uganda

Description: I first traveled to the rural Teso region of Uganda with non-profit organization Beauty For Ashes in August of 2014. I had a small amount of experience with global culture at this point, but nothing could have prepared me for what was my first experience of Africa. Seeing it for the first time is sure to shatter any vision that one has held of the Earth and what our purpose here is. Poverty, disease, and hunger are constant forces that torment a majority of these people’s lives, but the joy that emanates from their presence is the most powerful I have ever experienced. This joy changed my life. This joy made me realize that joy doesn’t come from anything that I thought it came from. This joy made me see that most of our planet does not understand what joy even is or, more importantly, its power. I will never be able to fully express the gratitude that I feel towards the beautiful people of Uganda, but I will continue to share the news of their joy in their honor. I will continue to seek the truth of this world and use my abilities to share that truth with others.